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Breakthrough of the Century: Research Findings
Establish Reincarnation as a Scientific Fact


    This controversial statement is backed by thirty five years of research by an engineer who focused on assembling physical evidence to verify Plato's ancient hypothesis by using a scientific approach and the tools furnished by modern technology. "It was easy to do and any scientific mind can duplicate my findings," says Joseph R Myers, P.E., a professional engineer with more than 40 years of consulting experience and a W.W.II rank of captain in the Air Force.  "The turning point was finding an hypothesis to use to make an investigation that hinged upon finding physical evidence, rather than examining mythology, religious or superstitious beliefs, children's stories or hypnotic trances," according to Myers.  The hypothesis requires the coordination and comparison of a vast number of elements, which could not possibly occur by chance or be produced or duplicated fraudulently. Possibly the most amazing aspect regarding this reincarnation hypothesis is that it dates around four hundred years B.C., and is very specific.   However, it could not be demonstrated conclusively until modern technology brought the development of photography and the ability to draw upon centuries of historical data regarding individual lives. Very Briefly, the hypothesis simply states that the soul-entity returns in a body similar to its last one and has the same inclinations, natural abilities and talents.  Of course, this means that not uncommonly outstanding individuals reappear by reincarnation and distinguish themselves again in the field in which they excel.  It is also true that the soul-entity is inclined to re-associate with family members, friends, and others from its past.  "I am my own grandpa" is not uncommonly true! Because he believes his findings convey a wonderfully hopeful understanding of life and provide the incentive on a scientific basis to practice the Golden Rule, he is dedicated to promoting worldwide dissemination of his findings.   He has lectured and shown slides to many groups, including universities, clubs, churches, done nationally syndicated TV and radio programs and newspaper interviews for which he often furnishes pictures and handwriting samples of a few case studies.  He has the background to do an excellent interview and respond to diverse questions.

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    Myers own case was the first one that enabled him to confirm Plato's Hypothesis. He recognized that the key element required to demonstrate that reincarnation is a matter of natural law would be three dimensional evidence, the kind of evidence that could be reproduced consistently by anyone applying an accurate hypothesis. A single elevated consciousness experience provided him the pattern for an accurate hypothesis as he watched a parade of gradually changing faces for a series of his own previous lives. Each of the faces bore a striking resemblance to the previous one. The fine lines and wrinkles indicated personalities that varied widely but the whole structure of the face changed only gradually. Further experiences in such a state of consciousness indicated that every aspect of the physical body derives its configurations from the preexisting pattern created by the soul-entity by its thinking over the centuries.


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    This is an especially fascinating case, since Senator Daniel Webster played a critical role so parallel to that of Senator Jeffords that news stories noted the similarity of the conduct of Webster and Jeffords. The minds of Webster and Jeffords are both noted for brilliance and, similarly, focused upon public policy in the most constructive sense.


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    There was an occasion years ago when Tip O'Neil's office called and indicated that Myers should not use Tip O'Neil's name in connection with his being the reincarnation of Millard Fillmore. Myers responded that he was sure that Tip O'Neil would be pleased with the situation but that he would desist if Tip O'Neil was informed of it and objected. Of course, the objection never came.


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    This case of two presidents and their wives illustrates several aspects of the natural laws governing the reappearance of individual soul-entities. It is striking that they have the same names, were vice-presidents of assassinated presidents, married the same wives and further investigation would likely show that some of their children returned.


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    The return of the Grants to again occupy the White House as the Roosevelts is the kind of example of natural laws governing the return of individuals that will withstand the most thorough tests for validity. Especially notable is the mole in the same place on the right cheeks of Grant and FDR. This is the kind of unique physical characteristic that often occurs.


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    Here is another example of a president and his wife who have been president of the United States and First Lady twice. There are parallels in their terms in office as well as all the usual parallels to be found when individuals reappear through rebirth of their physical bodies.


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    These two are an excellent illustration of how Plato's very simply stated hypothesis is verified by physical configurations and musical talent of the soul-entity.


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    This is one of those delightful examples of a child remembering having lived before and growing up to display the same talent again in a physical body stunningly like her previous one. She did not choose to spend a lot of time in heaven, for she returned only one year after Anna Pavlova died. In researching cases of reincarnation we find no rules to determine the time between death and rebirth of physical bodies. It seems that it may be many centuries or there may be overlaps. In some cases of genius, as much as ten year overlaps have shown up with the resultant child prodigy who displayed the talents of the co-existing adult and, of course, the physical resemblance.


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    This is a case that surfaced when Myers was preparing material for a television show known as PM Magazine. It was a nationally syndicated series which selected the best of local productions for its national broadcasts. Not long before his final selection of the cases that he believed would have the most public appeal, Myers had a dream in which Walt Disney appeared to him to advise that he had been Charles Dickens. This was exactly the kind of example that Myers felt would have the widest appeal.


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    This case came to the surface when Myers had no knowledge of the Harry Potter books and knew nothing of their author, J. K. Rowling. While looking for something in his storage shed, he put his hand on a somewhat water damaged paper back copy of C. S. Lewis science fiction story, "Out of the Silent Planet." He seldom reads fiction but felt prompted to read it because of his great respect for C. S. Lewis. He found it a wonderfully imaginative story. However, sometime while he was reading it, it was as though C. S. Lewis tapped him on the shoulder and said, "I am now J. K. Rowling, please check this out." A very interesting picture opened up with the research of this case. "Jack" Lewis, as he was known by his friends, was part of a scholarly small group that regularly discussed the profound elements of religion and human nature. C. S. Lewis supported the conventional "one life" Christian view, while Owen Barfield, a noted colleague, represented the views of the Christian mystic Rudolf Steiner, who endorsed reincarnation. C. S. Lewis himself was a professor of medieval literature and was well versed in the lore of magic and witchcraft. In due time Myers read some Harry Potter books and found them to be pure medieval magic with all the terminology appropriate for the various aspects of the magical practices. J.K. (for Jack?) Rowling turned out to be a young woman that would seem a most unlikely person to be so well versed in medieval magic. All in all, this is as fascinating a case of the reappearance of an outstanding figure as we have encountered.


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The upper words are by Herminio Miranda, retired chief comptroller of Brazilian National Steel Co.

The lower words are by Robert Browning, Sr., of the Bank of England and father of the poet.

    These above paired words are notable examples of how phenomenally similar handwriting can be, even when a quill pen and a fountain pen are the instruments used and the English language is the native tongue for the previous life and is a second language for the current life. Since it is known that handwriting reveals character, possibly similarities are more pronounced with highly developed individuals from life to life. Myers' and Miranda's common interest in reincarnation lead to their contact with each other. Their extended correspondence stimulated the handwriting comparison idea because Miranda knew about his previous life as banker Robert Browning, Sr. The Bank of England responded to Miranda's request for Browning's handwriting with a photostat of Browning's letter of resignation from the bank in 1863. Miranda gave the letter unopened to his secretary so that he could make his own written version from a typewritten copy before he ever saw Browning's writing. That event took place in the 1960's when he was still chief comptroller of Brazilian National Steel Company. He had such stature in Brazil that he was that country's envoy to deliver their land-lease payments to the U. S. after WWII. 


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    It was a great surprise to learn that a soul may have two bodies at one time and neither know anything about the other. It is rare. Apparently there are souls who can't wait to come back and carry on with what they love to do. Such appears to be the case with Peter Perret, the conductor of the Winston-Salem Symphony Orchestra. Maestro Perret was born on Bartok's birthday, four years before Bartok died. This seems to be the basis for the remarkable talents that display themselves in the child prodigy, for Peter Perret was such a child. Needless to say, he especially enjoys performing Bartok's music.


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    Since Myers was so very much influenced in his development of psychic faculties by Rudolf Steiner's book, "Knowledge of Higher Worlds and Its Attainment," perhaps it was appropriate that he should have the experience of recognizing Steiner's reappearance as David Spangler, and have the opportunity of advising him of his previous identity. He responded that he knew of his strong connection with Steiner's philosophy but had not realized that he actually had been Steiner. It happened like this: David Spangler was speaking at Guilford College, near Greensboro, NC, to a New Age gathering. Myers and his wife, Mary, came solely to hear David Spangler because of his connection with the Findhorn Garden Community in Scotland. They were seated a good way back in the auditorium. As Myers listened intently with his eyes focused on David Spangler, it was as though Rudolf Steiner materialized in his place. In the personal contact after the lecture, Myers was able to speak with him. That occasion was in the seventies.